The above treatments are dedicated to children aged 12-17, after the parent / guardian has signed the consent for the procedure.
The consent to the treatment should be signed at the SPA reception desk before the treatment. The parent / guardian may accompany the child during the procedure. 



A back massage with a hint of citrus will soothe the biggest “volcano of energy”. The massage will make the skin nourished and radiant, and the unique fragrance will provide blissful aromatherapy. 


KARMELOVE 20 min / 100 PLN 

Back massage based on a warm candle with the scent of Apple in Caramel. Massage with warm oils makes the skin moisturized, smooth and velvety to the touch. Perfect for baby’s delicate skin. 


COLORFUL HEAD RATE up to 30 min / 60 PLN 

gentle hand massage and rainbow colors on the nails are our proposition for every little princessPinkorange, green… Which one do you choose? 


For teenagers aged 15-17, we recommend: 


GOLDEN ARGAN 50 min / 220 PLN 

Massage based on liquid argan oil with warm compresses for feet, hands and back. Moisturizes, soothes, nourishes – which is important for the skin of every teenager. 


Young Spa Hydro up to 90 minutes / 280 PLN

A moisturizing facial treatment, soothes irritations, smoothes the skin, improves color. 


Young Spa Matt up to 90 minutes / 280 PLN

Facial treatment, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands, reduces the visibility of enlarged pores and blackheads, and improves the color. 


Young Spa Body up to 90 minutes / 340 PLN

Moisturizing body treatment with peeling and mask. 

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