An innovative, actively smoothing treatment, inspired by the achievements of modern
cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It is based on professional Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM
PROFESSIONAL preparations with the possibility of using modern Dr Irena Eris
REVICORE Hi-Tech System technologies. A treatment based on the ingredient
POLIKAPROLAKTON used in aesthetic medicine, which is a response to the problem of the
passage of time and the aging process of the skin. Dedicated to mature skin with visible
wrinkles and lost perfect face contour. The treatment intensively smoothes and shapes the
skin. POLYCAPROLAKTONE (PCL) – an active ingredient with multidimensional wrinkle
filling, lifting and immediate skin bio-modeling. PCL filler is widely used in aesthetic
medicine to restore the lost volumetry of the face oval. It stimulates the process of natural
synthesis of skin support fibers, thus reducing static wrinkles. It acts as a tissue biostimulator,
activating multi-level renewal processes. It restores youthfulness of the skin.
up to 90 Min

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