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The Wellness Centre located at the Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA is a zone designed to satisfy the need for recreation, relaxation and well-being. Relying on the philosophy of wellness, the ability to rest and relax as well as an individual approach to harmony, a unique place was created which using its climate encourages all people to regenerate and stimulate the vital forces of their body and mind. The Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA is a place which inspires to action without imposing well-known, former paths. Although we suggest solutions which are ‘enchanted’ in beauty packages, we always offer the opportunity to change selected rituals or forms of activity. Sometimes, however, we insist on them on the basis of our experience and expertise.

Escape from everyday life, relaxation, tranquillity, sense of joy and positive energy (all of these in harmony or close to nature) make the SPA & Wellness Centre of the Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA a unique place.



Skin examination

In the Dr Irena Eris salon, a professional skin diagnosis is performed using the APM-100pro device. The machine equipped with a camera with a magnifying lens helps assess the skin. The device allows you to test moisture, oiling, smoothness, skin elasticity and wrinkles. The test results are immediately visible on the screen.

The camera accurately shows the skin condition, which allows you to choose the right care. After skin diagnosis and a conversation with the client, the beautician selects the appropriate Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Home Care professional preparations and advises the appropriate salon treatment

It is worth making such a diagnosis every six months to control the condition of the skin, choose proper care and enjoy a healthy, radiant complexion. Coming to the Dr Irena Eris salon, we can count on professional service.

SPA Gallery

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