20 November 2020
Izabela Kozina

Our story begins right here, in Szklarska Poręba, in the heart of the mountains and forest. Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA is an architecture referring to the tradition of this region, but also a beautiful, dense forest, on the shores of which a cold, crystalline mountain stream flows. The path of the nearby trail is sparkling with semi-precious stones – the natural treasures of this area. It used to be ruled by the Mountain Spirit, known in Polish as Karkonosz or Rzepiór, in Czech as Krakonos, and in German as Rübezahl. Once upon a time, a strong and strong Walloon came here to extract precious ores in the waters of the Złoty Potok – amethysts, pyrites, platinum and gold. That is why this stream is called Złoty. According to the old custom, the Walloons felt great respect for the Mountain Spirit – Liczyrzepa, they often asked him for help and favor in their work. Also, herbalists, drawing on the riches of nature in the local forests, greatly respected the protection of this Spirit. In their spare time, they drew figures and looked into the distant future in them, imagining that magnificent buildings resembling mountain mansions of magnates would one day be erected next to this ancient forest, so that in the future others would also discover the beauty of the Jizera Mountains and return here as often as possible.

Centuries after the creation of the engravings, we were inspired by them and built the luxurious Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA – a family hotel and an excellent conference facility that meets the expectations of every guest who dreams of a real rest in the mountains. We also decided to take care of the natural mountain nature with the Złoty Potok and amethysts, the concentration of which is located here.

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