Mountain Tea

Wyborowa vodka | apple juice | lemon | cinnamon | angostura | boiling water | 28 PLN

A warming mountain infusion with aromatic spices and angostura, perfect for chilly evenings.

Author: Tomasz Zając

Hot chocolate

chocolate | milk | marshmallow | 21 PLN

Classic, thick, hot chocolate with sweet, small marshmallows that will wake you up on autumn mornings.

Author: Konrad Mitał

Classic mulled wine

red dry wine | hint of honey | oranges | cloves | cinnamon | anise | 25 PLN

Red dry wine enriched with the sweetness of honey, with aromatic spices, cinnamon stick and cloves, broken with orange – a classic winter mulled wine.

White mulled wine

white wine | maple syrup | honey | cinnamon | apple | 31 PLN

A unique combination of white, mulled wine with the sweetness of maple syrup and honey, with a distinctive hint of cinnamon – the perfect cocktail for autumn and winter days.

Author: Tomasz Zając

Winter cider

Cider | cloves | cinnamon | orange | ginger | apple | 26 PLN

Refreshing apple cider enriched with winter additives and aromatic spices, with a hint of orange.

Author: Klaudia Klimczak


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