Devil Eye

Martini bianco | grenadine | lychee | black olive | 25 PLN

A sweet and refreshing cocktail with lychee and black olive, which will perfectly complement a Halloween evening full of fun.

Pumpkin lemonade

pumpkin puree | Sour | sugar syrup | sparkling water | 19 PLN

A non-alcoholic cocktail based on butternut squash puree with the addition of sugar syrup and sparkling water, a perfect, refreshing combination during Halloween party.

Pumpkin Sour

Jack Daniel’s fire | pumpkin puree | honey syrup | lemon juice | 30 PLN

Classic sweet, refreshing whiskey-based cocktail with a hint of lemon juice for a break.

Spicy Pumpkin

Metaxa 7 | spicy pumpkin syrup | pink pepper syrup | lemon juice | sage | 25 PLN

The perfect combination of Metaxa sweetness with the sharpness of spicy pumpkin and pink pepper syrups
with a refreshing aroma of sage.


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