Tours with a dedicated Guide

Hiking is invariably popular, especially in a region famous for its stunning panoramas and postcard-perfect views. The well-developed tourist infrastructure thanks to the network of tourist routes leading from attractions to attractions, from shelters to shelters, creates a very friendly atmosphere for mountain hiking, not only for experienced hikers. The multitude of routes with different levels of advancement makes it a form of activity for everyone, regardless of age. In addition, thematic tourist routes have been marked out in Szklarska Poręba. While walking along the chosen route, it is worth getting acquainted with the history, culture, tradition and old beliefs and customs of the inhabitants of the Giant and the Jizera Mountains. We encourage all our guests, along with their beloved four-legged pets, to actively rest on the Karkonosze trails. We offer our guests tours with a dedicated Guide.


Morning Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an extremely popular, health-promoting and safe form of activity that has been successfully adopted all over the world, especially in mountainous areas. Nordic walking, defined as a non-injured sport, perfectly shapes the figure, engaging the muscles of the whole body. We encourage you to participate in the morning march with poles with our dedicated Guide. The length of one walk is only 45 minutes. Nordic walking sticks are available for rent at the reception and tourist information point for our Guests.


A treat for runners

Szklarska Poręba is a cult place for practicing endurance sports – a place where every year groups of runners, both amateurs and professionals, come to test their abilities and condition. We encourage you to try your strength and admire the beauty of the area. Picturesque, mountainous terrain, dense forest, wonderful microclimate and clean air – nothing more is needed to start your adventure with mountain jogging. Thanks to the unique location of our hotel close to the main routes, you can quickly reach the designated starting point. We suggest safe running routes below.

Hotel – Droga pod Reglami

Hotel – Droga pod Reglami – Shelter under the Łabski Summit

Hotel – Szrenica – Shelter under the Łabski Szczyt






Bicycle routes

Szklarska Poręba and its surroundings offer as much as 450 km of bicycle paths with various degrees of elevation and advancement. To provide you with the full opportunity to take advantage of the invaluable opportunities offered by the Platinum Mountain Hotel & SPA area, we offer bikes of various classes: electric, mountain, road and scooters for children. We also offer assistance in their selection – even if so far this form of activity was foreign to you, we will take care of your comfort and safety. Recommended cycling routes can be found at the Tourist Information point.


Attractions for the whole family

Tourism in the Giant Mountains is also a place full of entertainment, especially recommended as a way to spend free time for the whole family. Outdoor activities, places full of secrets as well as those that delight and impress with their traditions and craftsmanship – all this is within easy reach, within a radius of just a dozen kilometers from the hotel. Interesting experiences and great fun for the whole family guaranteed. We encourage you to visit the most attractive places in the vicinity of Szklarska Poręba.


Valley of Palaces and Gardens

It is situated at the foot of the Giant Mountains. The Valley of Palaces and Gardens is a unique complex of 30 beautiful buildings – castles, palaces and manors, including such unusual places as: Palace in Staniszów, Palace on the Water in Staniszów Dolny, Palace in Wojanów, Palace in Łomnica, Castle in Karpniki, the Palace in Pakoszów and the Spiż Palace in Miłków. These and other charming places invite you to learn about their rich, long history, which is an inseparable part of the region’s culture.


Śnieżne Kotły

Śnieżne Kotły is an excellent vantage point with a panoramic view of the Karkonosze, the Jizery Mountains, the Kaczawskie Mountains, the Rudawy Janowickie and the Jelenia Góra Valley. In good weather, you can see Ślęża in the Sudeten Foreland.

Photography: Daniel Koszela



Thanks to hotel’s perfect location at the bottom of Szrenica Mountain, the Guests of our hotel have a unique opportunity to go on a hiking trip to the highest peak of Szklarska Poreba. Szrenica is an ideal viewpoint on the Jelenia Góra Valley and the Jizera Mountains, but also a point from which you can continue your route, to Śnieżne Kotły or to the rocks called Trzy Świnki (Three Pigs) on the Polish-Czech border.

Photo: Daniel Koszela


Chatka Górzystów

A unique place, characteristic by a unique, polar climate, in the Jizera Dark Sky Park, which attracts many tourists from distant parts of Poland. The shelter is also famous for its delicious, fluffy pancakes with cheese and Jizera blueberry.

Photo: Daniel Koszela


Orle Shelter

The Giant Mountains are not only the largest peaks, but also exceptionally charming ranges of lower mountains, such as the Jizera Mountains, which are appreciated by lovers of cycling and hiking. We encourage you to go on a tour starting from the Orle Shelter, a tourist hostel, the remains of the Carlsthal settlement (colony) created by the glassworkers.

Photo: Daniel Koszela



Have you ever dreamed of reaching the clouds? Now it is possible thanks to the newly created viewing platform in the nearby town of Świeradów-Zdrój. From the top of the tower there is a beautiful view of the health resort and the mountain landscape. Returning from SkyWalk can be easy-peasy thanks to a 105-meter slide, and a bit of adrenaline will be increased by relax on a tear drop-shaped net and a walk on the glass platform.


Julia Crystal Factory

When visiting our hotel, you can find small crystal masterpieces from the regional Julia Crystal Glassworks. During the tour you will be able to learn about the extremely interesting history of the glassworkers and admire the production process up close, as well as learn the secrets of glassmaking during the workshops.


Polana Jakuszycka

The most famous cross-country skiing center in Lower Silesia and Poland. Polana Jakuszycka offers many routes prepared for cross-country and ski hiking, there are professional and tourist routes.

Photo: Daniel Koszela


Chojnik Castle

Chojnik Castle was built in the 14th century by prince Bolek II as one of the elements of the fortifications of the principality’s borders. Visitors can listen to legends, including the legend about Kunegunda, see the pillory, shoot the crossbow and climb the tower from which there is a picturesque panorama of the Giant Mountains and Jelenia Góra Valley.

Photo: Daniel Koszela



St. John Mine. Adits of zinc and cobalt ore mines operated here from the 16th to the 19th century. The mine can be visited by following the educational and tourist path “In the footsteps of the ancient ore mining”. On the 8 km route, there are 12 overground stations and an underground route with a length of 350 m.


Kościół Wang

Medieval wooden Wang Temple in Karpacz. It was built in the 12th century in the town of Vang in southern Norway in the early Christianization period of Scandinavia, and its architecture combines elements of Romanesque and Nordic folk art. The temple is made of Norwegian pine, which is saturated with resin and shows remarkable durability.

Photo: Daniel Koszela


Czocha Castle

A defensible castle located in the town of Sucha, Leśna municipality, on the Leśniański Lagoon on Kwisa in the Polish part of Upper Lusatia.



The capital of the Czech Republic is famous for its huge castle complex and unique climate. Centuries ago, Prague attracted the most eminent artists, earning itself the title of the “Golden City” – a symphony of beauty and elegance. Take your time while strolling through the streets of Prague, as they are full of mysterious places.

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