Tartin with smoked wasabi trout
A long thin slice of toasted, dark bread with wasabi paste with a whole smoked trout fillet with marinated pumpkin and a green comb (verbena, mint, diced cucumber, lime peel)
27 PLN | 1,2,3,4
Malanzana tonnato
Vegetarian version of the classic Vitello tonnato, where veal is replaced by baked eggplant slices
30 PLN | 2,3
Tender Pate with cognac served with apricots and caramelized buttery brioch
26 PLN | 3
Rice, shrimps grilled in smoked pepper and cumin, plums in vinegar, avocado, green cucumber, mango, roasted cashews in mashed pepper
65 PLN | 5,6
Aioli pesce brulee
Thick fish fillet baked in aioli with green sour lettuce
45 PLN | 3,4,7
Lettuce based on spinach, parsley and mint with paprika baba ganoush, poached egg with hard goat cheese
45 PLN | 7

Rose kissel of cherries and raspberries on red wine

21 PLN | 1

Coconut napoleon on filo pastry

25 PLN | 1,3

Nougat espresso affogato

18 PLN | 5

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